05 November 2005

Art Games

Ok, so I really am a nerd. I love art games, and I sort of collect them. About four years ago I got my very own, very first art game. I was for sale in the Kunsthalle Mannheim, and my sisters picked it up for me. I’m still glad that they did. It is a very simple memory game. Each pair is comprised of two selections from a single painting in either the Alte or Neue Pinakothek in Munich.

This is an example of one painting and pair set taken from it. I took this image from the handy little information booklet that came with my game. It is Johann-Freidrich Overbeck’s 1828 Italia and Germania. In this painting Overbeck indicates two opposing forces in his art experience—the Italian masters and their aesthetic, and the Germanic masters and theirs. Here, personifications of the two are seated together as friends. It is an interesting attempt to both literally and figuratively reconcile the two artistic forces.

I’ll go into greater detail abut the difference between Italian and Germanic painting in the future. Anyway, I love this memory game because of pieces like this in it. Paare contains 36 pairs that cover almost 500 years of European painting.


Kate said...

I had no idea you collected art games.

I found the following on eBay this morning looking for what other kinds of art games are out there.

I've never heard of it, and it sounds interesting.


Mary Ann said...

Kate that game looks soooo cool. I think Matthew's family might have had it becuase there is something familiar about the game concept even though I've never played it.

Most of my art games are card games that work like go fish. We got two in the gift shops at the Paris museums and Mom sent me one at Barb and Suz's urging.