28 November 2005

Illegal Art

A while ago I wrote a tiny, pathetic post about art crime, which did little more than list the resources out there for recovering art that has been stolen, looted, or lost.
That post is not to be confused with today’s post about art that is against the law.

As it turns out, there are lots of ways that artists can get themselves into trouble. The one that I’m thinking of today has to do with copyright infringements. There’s a site called illegal-art.org that has made it their business to publicize these events. They’ve even got pictures of the illegal art, and have information about a lot of illegal video (again, items that breach copyright laws) available. I don’t know how they do this without getting in trouble. Maybe it’s because they’re an org.

Apparently, it’s pretty easy to get a big corporation to sue you, because illegal-art.org has lots of examples of that.

This one is my favorite.

I like that as I look at these letters, I usually can guess very fast which product labels they were taken from. That's part of why the corporations involved got mad. We really do have a strong commercial culture in America, and this alphabet shows just how powerful the imagery of that culture can be. I enjoyed going to the artist’s site, where there are lots more examples of her letter combinations.


MalikElBatata said...

in a completely different sphere, do you know this artsy blog :


Mary Ann said...

Nope, but thanks for sharing.