24 December 2005

Christmas Eve

December 24th – Christmas Eve. I used to think that Christmas Eve was a real throw away holiday. Then I lived in Germany where Christmas Eve is THE big deal of the season. The German name for Christmas ‘Weihnachten’ literally means Holy Night, which of course, is the night of the 24th.

Criticize it if you will, that’s your right. But I am really happy there is a Christmas to celebrate. I’m glad that one of the biggest days of the year centers on peace and good will. If it doesn’t for you, it ought to and you are missing out on the beauty of it all.

I view of that, I’ve trolled the web for some of the most peaceful art that I know of. The world seems like a better place when I think about it while looking at these, from Josef Albers.


joe said...

Really, I like looking into these - they are so warm. They look like paint chips from Home Depot... I want to go buy the paint and decorate my walls in their image.

Mary Ann said...

I've often dreamed of recreating some of the more recreatable modern art that I'm aware of. These are an excellent candidate.

Delirious said...

Really peaceful indeed... I love Christmas for this reason too :)