10 December 2005

For Megan

Happy Birthday Megan.

Five and a half years ago, Megan wasn't married, didn't blog, didn't have a cute little girl in her life, and about a million other things that are different these days. Matthew and I were Newlyweds (really?) and she came to visit for a week, probably around spring break.

While she was there, I showed her some work by Aaron Jasinski, an artist who at that time was in the same place we were. I had seen some of his paintings and liked them. I even contacted him about buying one (but the one I wanted wasn't available. *sigh*). He's got a catchy name that was easy not to forget, so over the last five or six years I've been watching him. His web site has gotten better and better. You should check it out (click on his name up there).

Anyway, there was one painting in particular that Megan liked a lot, and I can't find it anymore. It had a princess on a horse, and a knight in shining armor kneeling before her and offering a flower. In the absence of that one, I found this one that I think represents the artist's style. It is called Devoted Ambitions from 2004. There is something perfectly happy about each of his paintings, and I wish I had a more academic way to phrase that, but since I don't, there it is. Happy. One of these years, I really want to buy an original because I think I need more happy things in my life and in my art collection.

Anyway, I hope you have a great birthday, Megan.


megan said...

thank you mary ann! i really enjoyed my visit with you guys. i always was a sucker for those romantic princess pictures. the one you posted is really cool. i love all the color.

MalikElBatata said...

any chance on you posting something about conceptual art?

Mary Ann said...

ask and ye shall, uh, eventually receive.