01 April 2006


Hello April!

The thesis, yes. It is still dominating every moment of my life (and my husband's life, and robbing my children of time with their mother). It is still costing me my sanity, my other interests, my ability to socialize or even have fun.


It is slowly, methodically, achingly getting written.

Looking into the future to the best of my ability, I predict that it will done by the end of the coming week. Then give me another week to pick up the pieces of my life and do some of the things I've not done in ages, and then, maybe, I'll start posting again.


MalikElBatata said...

mabrouk :D

joe said...

Hang in there. I'm glad you aren't more chipper - given the topic that you immersed yourself in. I would love to read your thesis, if you need somebody to look for typos or bounce ideas off.

katperkins said...

My photographic design teacher was ecstatic when she found out that you're writing about Sally Mann. She's one of her favorites. She wanted you to come talk to our class, but I told her that might be difficult.

katperkins said...

My next photo project is somewhat Sally Mann inspired. I've decided to photograph animals killed by cats and rotten food. Hehe, I almost spelled cats with a k.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks, cerealist.

Hey Kat, I miss your blog and you.
I wish I could come talk to your class. Maybe they would understand some of the issues photography brings to themes like death and memory.

And Joe, I'm glad you're thinking about me, and maybe I'll take you up on your editing skills.