01 June 2006

Thesis Update, Again.


I'm editing again.

Maybe I should rename this blog "watch this moron get a M.A.", and I'd be the moron.

That might work.

I now have feedback on the first three chapters (three more to get feedback on), and it was good, fine, ok feedback. I'm taking it.

And I don't have permission yet to use the pictures I want to, and all I can do now is wait.

I feel like my whole cognitive being has been put through a food processor. Or a paper shredder. Or a meat grinder.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are in a great position. The initial feedback on my thesis was, are you kidding, who taught you to spell, and I think maybe you should look at your data again. Those phrases you are getting are the way professors tell you that you are doing a good job. They cannot actually tell you more than that because it is against the rules. Since you are in waiting mode you can now sit back and relax knowing that you are on track and just need to finish the race. You are on mile 24 of the marathon. The hard part is over! You just need to finish the race. Enjoy the girls and that boy toy. Running marathons are hard but rewarding. Grandpa Dan

katperkins said...

If you're a moron, I'd hate to hear what I'd be. I don't even want to get an MA because I'm too lazy.

Mary Ann said...

"good, ok, fine" is my judgement of the feedback I got, which was more like "delete this, rethink that, rewrite here, start from scratch there".

Like I said, that feedback is good, ok, fine. My advisor is right, after all.

Vatti said...

I agree with Dan's comments. You are certainly on the home stretch. This work will represent your best efforts and you must be pretty close at this point.

Kate said...

I love you! Sending you lots of Hugs sister. xxo!