01 July 2006

A picture to share

Lots of very random thoughts, none of which have to do with my thesis or with art or with why I have not been blogging lately. Pooh, pooh.

This is my daughter. Isn't she a sweetie? This picture was taken on one of the rare days when she has allowed me to put her hair in pigtails.

Her shirt was made buy Aunt Kat, who is a super-neat Aunt to have. That, on her shirt is a peacock feather. You can read all about how cool it is here on her Aunt's blog.

Also, the other day, there was a discussion on Aunt K8's blog about sock fashions. Compare Star's "up" style with her cousin's.

And I love that the shoes in the picture don't fit, and don't match. We were out shopping and she was trying on display shoes--a favorite passtime.


katperkins said...

I can't wait to see Stella again and meet Danielle. They seem like very eccentric, interesting kids. But not in a weird way. I'm glad she likes the shirt. I also bought myself a different peacock shirt so maybe we can match if we see each other anytime in the next year.

Mary Ann said...

You'll be seeing us in December. That much is official. We will be sure to bring the shirt along.

Dad said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet.

katperkins said...

Well that's exciting. It's been a long time since I've seen you and the kids. Maybe we can talk while Megan hogs all of Matt's time :)