16 November 2006

Blog Indeed

So Katie left a comment on my blog that basically said, “you suck at blogging”, which is true. The fact that I haven’t made a post in more than a few months is proof enough of that.

Do you want an art idea anyway? That’s why you’re reading this isn’t it?

“The horror is this . . . to speak of the “nothing to say”. Roland Barthe’s Camera Lucida 92-93.

But for the sake of posting something more, we’ll indulge in a little apologetics—not that it matters or that it has anything to do with art:
1. I’m busy
2. I have to write all the time and I get tired of it.
3. Blame Lebanon
4. I am knee-deep in plans for Christmas because I am an incurable Christmas-freakazoid.
5. My children are more important
6. My thesis is more important.
7. I have to think about art all the time and I get tired of it.
8. Gearing up for the 10k
9. My kids. If everyone had this much huggable cuteness around then no one would blog.


katperkins said...

I was really just teasing. I don't post very often either and when I do my posts are not very informative. If I lived with Danielle I'd spend all my time chasing her around trying to kiss her neck and then flip Stella over the couch a little bit.

Mary Ann said...

I got that you were teasing. And, tipping my hat to Anne Shirley, everything you said was true. But someone has to get credit for kicking my lazy self into action.

Dad said...

How true, about the huggable cuteness.