14 December 2006

The New Beautiful

I just read the NYT’ rather ironic, (and I conclude) unfavorable review of The Architecture Of Happiness by Alain de Botton, which contained this little, priceless gem:

As John Ruskin observed, we don’t want our buildings merely to shelter us; we also want them to speak to us. But of what? De Botton has an answer. Great buildings, he says, “speak of visions of happiness.”

Up until the precise moment, I really did believe that beauty was the most subjective of all things, but de Botton has shown me my error. But really, could happiness become the new beauty? All chiding aside, I’d like to read that book. I’ve added it to my list of books to test drive at the library just as soon as I live in a country that has one to patronize.


Matthew said...

I would also like my briefcase and watch to communicate visions of happiness.

Mary Ann said...

Oh yes, and underpants. They should be little visions of happiness too.

Josh said...

not as heavy as kant's beauty. so i'm for it.

Mary Ann said...

But if happy is just a dumbed-down beauty, no thanks.