06 January 2007

My *favorite* Artist

I don't have one.

No really.

It would be like a singer having a favorite pitch (so I dearly well hope that you singers out there don't because first, it would ruin my argument and second I would think it was stupid and I'd hate to think so ill of anyone for something so mundane).

Probably most of my close relations would guess that Andy Warhol is my favorite, but that's just because I own a lot of books about him. And I've read all of them, some of them numerous times, and I've used those books in a good deal of Warhol-centric research. But so what. He's not my favorite. I don't have one. Really. What I like most is the relationship among works of art, the kinds of dialogues you can imagine (or prove in some cases) between them, the way one artist's work becomes infinitely more rich when compared with the work of another.

But for those of you who are enamored of favorites of this or any other kind, here's a link to a questionnaire of favorites, famously completed by the young Marcel Proust.


Dad said...

I do have a favorite pitch because I have only one pitch and that is whatever happens to come out of my mouth when I try to sing. I am also considered mundane so that is okay also. I do not have many favorite things that I can honestly say are favorites, that is except for daughters-in-law and we all know that answer.

suz said...

i wouldnt have guessed warhol to be your favorite...he seems a bit silly for your taste.

but same here, i have a lot of warhol books, and he intrigues me...but i wouldnt call him a favorite either

Mary Ann said...

The is-it-serious-or-is-it-silly thing had me enthralled for years. I guess it doesn't matter to me anymore. Its probably six of one and a half dozen of the other anyway.

I think he makes a good mystery artist though, because nobody really has him figured out.