15 February 2007

Art Education: Quotes

". . . lately the artist has been misled by the fatal and arrogant fallacy, fostered by the state, that art is a profession which can be mastered by study. Schooling alone can never produce art!"

"Theory is not a recipe for the manufacturing of works of art, but the most essential element of collective construction; it provides the common basis on which many individuals are able to create together a superior unit of work; theory is not the achievment of individuals but of generations."
-- Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus, 1923

"The artist must follow his inner leading independent of fads and fashions, therefore art education should take this individual inner direction more seriously than is done at present. Art teaching is not soap manufacture."
-- Hans Hofmann, 1932

". . . the general liberal arts culture is highly desirable in a painter's training. The artist must know more today than he had to know in former years. My own art students, for example, get a general course in natural science - not with any idea of their specializing in biology or physics, but because they need to know what is going on in the modern world. The main thing is to teach students to think, and if they can to feel."
-- Grant Wood, 1935

"Science looks and observes, Art sees and foresees. Every great scientist has experienced a moment when the artist in him saved the scientist. 'We are poets', said Pythagoras, and in the sense that a mathematician is a creator he was right."
-- Naum Gabo, 1937


Dad said...

Hmmmm. Definitely over my head today. I think my mind is too caught up in the posting that I need to accomplish before midnight tonight. Six hours and counting. I will try again tomorrow and see if I can make sense out of things.

Josh said...

i'm screwed.

actually, i was just thinking about this tonight. the absurdity of getting a degree in composition. you can't learn it in school.. but what school does, in addition to the general education which is only beneficial, is give the artist time to create.

Mary Ann said...

oh my. I really wasn't presenting these quotes as any criticism of those who go out at get education. I only found it interesting what various people thought was necessary for education to be correct.

You're right about time, but it also gives a student exposure to things, ideas, possibilities that they might not have found on their own. In other cases, it gives a student something to opperate against, to reject, to struggle with. That's happened a lot in art, and I would guess in music too. Do you know?