06 June 2007

Not Quite Right

Right. So I said on the fourth that I was going to post the Second Coolest Family Picture Ever on the 5th.

Well, this isn't the fifth nor is this the Second Coolest Family Picture Ever. This is a cheap a substitute for the
Second Coolest Family Picture Ever, just like this is a cheap substitute for a real post. Not that this picture isn't great. It is, but it's out of the running all the same. We aren't all present. Left to right, you've got Sam, K8, Dad, Suz, and Joe.

Anyway, I'm still trying to find the right picture. Matthew's got a copy of it hanging in the hallway in Beirut, but the scan I stumbled on the other day was in better condition.


grandpa dan said...

Suzanne looks particularly happy about the idea of getting her picture taken. I am glad none of my kids ever looked unhappy in their family photos.

Terra said...

yeah, I don't have any memories of you tracking us down to take our photos even if we had other ideas.

I think this photo is great! It really shows a dynamic between the camera and the subjects.

suzanne said...

what mary ann failed to post was the cool story behind this picture. we had taken grandpa's truck out to see some of his land in utah. the roads were all dirt and extremely bumpy, and grandpa just flew over them- we were bouncing everywhere (especially those in the covered bed with no seatbelts). the truck ended up breaking down and we were stuck in the middle of nowhere. i threw up a few times because i was so dizzy/sick from the ride, which explains why i dont look very happy in the picture. some guy with a bigger truck ended up towing us down to the nearest phone, where we called mom and she picked us up.

i think i have most of the details right. anyone remember it differenly?

grandpa dan said...

Suzanne, yes, your face summarizes that story fully and makes perfect sense.