14 November 2005

A digression

I was recently tagged--so I'm playing the game.

Seven things I plan to do:
1. Move out of Achrafieh
2. Write my thesis
3. Learn French
4. Be self-employed
5. Continue learning anything and everything
6. Continue Impart Art
7. Build a better widget

Seven things I can do:
1. Cut my own hair
2. Make stained glass windows
3. Design, pattern, sew, tailor anything
4. Recite the alphabet A to Z or Z to A with equal ease
5. Fool a German into thinking I'm one of them
6. Play the violin (quite) well
7. Advocate for myself and others

Seven things I can’t do:
1. Blend in in Lebanon
2. Listen to two different things at once
3. Tap dance
4. Water ski
5. Have a maid--not possibly
6. Cheat people
7. laugh without crying

Six things I say most often:
1. Oh my goodness! (happy)
2. Really?
3. Oh, I see.
4. Random extreme numeric exaggerations "I've seen that movie a million times!"
5. I hate this. . . .
6. Oh come on! (disdain)

Seven people I'd like to tag:
1. kathleen
2. suz
3. megan
4. terra
5. kat
6. jennifer
7. amy


joe said...

Why are there only 6 things that you say most often? Couldn't think of a seventh?

Kate said...

Do you still use the word "BLAST?"

Happa du-dut.

Mary Ann said...

I haven't said blast in ages--but I said it so much back in the day that I should have counted it.

Kate said...

Blast was such a good word. I'm not saying you need to go back to it, but 'back in the day' it was such a good word.

Anonymous said...

If I don't manage to do this "tagged" thing, it is because I don't know 7 people who blog. I think I could come up with about 3 if I can't use you, Joumana, or Matthew.

This post reminded me that last night, Stella was telling me something and I said,"Really?" and she replied,"Really." which I found totally hilarious.


Eve said...

Mary Ann, where have u been hiding all this time? ;)

well, I'm amazed by number 4:
"Recite the alphabet A to Z or Z to A with equal ease" :) Oh, and I have the same habit with numeric exaggerations; only i use the number 50 000.

Mary Ann said...

What, you didn't notice me? I guess i blend in after all. ;)