17 January 2007

Unapologetic Thievery

Today I’m not much for pontification. This stunning image (swiped from my sister’s blog) depicts the even more stunning (splitting hairs?) art of Dale Chihuly.

Between Christmas and New Year’s when everyone was together the whole family went to the St.Louis Botanical Garden to see the installation he currently has there. Back in 2005 there was a similar “glass in the garden” display in London. I saw a short segment on CNN about it, envied a friend who got to see it in person, and now, envy my whole family because they’ve seen something equally impressive right in their backyard.

I’ve seen Chihulys in real life only once (or possibly twice--I’m forgetful) and that was certainly a “stumbled over it in my backyard” kind of experience. Anyway, it’s just one more reason to wish I was there.


Dad said...

Is this an original and solely done piece of art or does someone else get the credit for construction and Chihuly for the idea?

Mary Ann said...

you've seent me on a bit of a treasure hunt. The gardens & glass exhibits are really massive. Thousands of individual pieces of glass combine in these installations. I've found that he does work with assistants, but the idea behind it (of creating installations of his glass in botanical gardens/outdoor around the globe) does seem to be his alone.