28 February 2007

Another Flag

In case you've forgotten (or never saw) the other flag that has been featured here, go ahead and click.

Barbara Kruger Untitled 1991
photographic silkscreen/vinyl, 66 x 93 inches

Discuss, if you wish.

I am frankly too busy to deal with this blog right now, so yes, that's all I'm doing today.


Dad said...

Nice flag. Interesting statements to include in this type of format and artistic style. What part of your life are you letting overwhelm you that it is invading your blogging time? Balance, balance, balance. Better yet put Danielle down for her nap at 9am and get her up at 4pm. That should help relieve some of the pressure.

Terra said...

I like that piece- although I feel it would have been stronger (cooler?) if she had managed to get the exact same numbe rof letters as stars and the same number of stripes but such things are secondary to the message.